Acrylic polymer dispersions

Incorporating the experience of Rohm and Haas - which was an established global leader in acrylic chemistry before being acquired by Dow - means customers of Dow Construction Chemicals have access to a heritage of technically advanced, high-quality binders and additives.

The business offers a wide range of emulsion polymers for the manufacture of building and construction products including pure acrylic, styrene acrylic and vinyl acetate polymers for improving the properties of cementitious as well as non-cementitious applications. In addition, dispersants and synthetic thickeners are available for a variety of applications.

Features and benefits offered by our portfolio include strong adhesion, improved water resistance, ease of use, increased durability and more.

Applications range from organic renders through to coatings for roof tiles, siding, and fiber cement, and from sealants and adhesives to cementitious waterproofing membranes.

High-performance acrylic thermoset binders have also been developed for use in high-performance nonwovens and in glass fiber insulation.


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