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Acrylic, redispersible latex powder and cellulosic technologies from Dow Construction Chemicals help improve performance of products in a wide range of construction markets, including:

  • Exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) – A wide range of modifiers and binders for EIFS applications leverage all three core technologies from Dow Construction Chemicals 
  • Caulks and sealants – RHOPLEX™ aqueous acrylic polymer emulsions and cellulose-based rheology modifiers are widely used for all types of waterborne caulks and sealants for their full spectrum of performance characteristics and industry specifications
  • Elastomeric roof coatings – Acrylic emulsion polymers and cellulosics serve as critical materials in many elastomeric roof coatings
  • Roof tiles and siding – Acrylic emulsion polymers enable high performance factory-applied coatings for cured cementitious products such as roof tiles and other precast construction products
  • Insulation – AQUASET™ acrylic thermosetting resins offer insulation manufacturers a formaldehyde-free** technology platform for binding fiberglass filaments used in building insulation systems
  • Industrial nonwovens – Acrylic binders and coatings for the production of nonwoven, fiberglass-based industrial mats help improve manufacturing operations, and increase mat tensile strength tear resistance; Dow Construction Chemicals also provides low-formaldehyde formulations for specialty applications
  • Concrete and Cement – Cellulosics and acrylic acid/emulsion polymer modifiers help customers involved with cure/seal membranes, concrete restoration, ad-mixtures, self-consolidating concrete, self-leveling underlayments, bridge decks, extruded concrete and tilt-up concrete
  • Tape joint compounds – Cellulose ethers, emulsion polymers and redispersible latex powders provide customers with an array of options for varying viscosity, crack and sag resistance, and improved rheology and workability for hand tool and machine tool applications
  • Ceramic tile adhesives – Dow Construction Chemicals provides cellulosics, redispersible latex powders, and acrylics for ceramic tile adhesives, with formulations that offer varying degrees of water retention at different temperatures, improved adhesion and cohesion, workability and flexibility
  • Liquid Applied Barriers – Acrylic emulsion polymers from Dow Construction Chemicals offer excellent water-resistive properties, adhesion to a variety of substrates and optimal vapor permeability. These polymers have been optimized for use in water-resistive and/or air-barrier coatings.

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** Note: Made without formaldehyde or formaldehyde-generating materials and does not release formaldehyde under normal operating conditions.