• PARALOID™ B-66 100%
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PARALOID™ B-66 100%

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PARALOID™ B-66 100% solid-grade thermoplastic acrylic resin is designed for use in protective coatings for concrete, masonry, metal, and plastic applications. This general-purpose resin has the same characteristics as the solution grade. In appropriate solvents, it forms clear solutions that air-dry extremely fast to form hard, colorless films with excellent resistance properties and color retention.

Typical applications

  • concrete and masonry sealers
  • traffic paint
  • clear aerosols
  • graphic arts and gravure printing inks
  • protective coatings for plastics (ABS, polycarbonate and polystyrene)
  • general metal protective and decorative coatings

Performance advantages

  • fast solvent release
  • outstanding toughness and durability
  • good water resistance
  • good salt-spray resistance
  • color retention
  • soluble in many different solvents
  • compatible with many different resins


These properties are typical, but they do not constitute specifications.

Appearance Powder
Solids content, mass, % 100
Brookfield viscosity at 25°C, cPs 590
Glass transition temperature (Tg), onset, °C 50
Density at 25°C, lbs/gal 9.1
Solubility parameter 9.0
Ultimate hardness of clear films, KHN 12-13

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