• PARALOID™ B-67 100%
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PARALOID™ B-67 100%

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PARALOID™ B-67 100% solid-grade thermoplastic acrylic resin is a highly hydrophobic polymer that offers excellent water resistance and pigment dispersion.

PARALOID™ B-67 100% is particularly compatible with medium- and long-oil alkyds, drying oils, and oleoresinous varnishes. When used to modify these materials, the resulting coatings possess hardness, faster drying speed, and better retention of color and gloss. Hold-out and brushing characteristics are also improved.

Typical applications

  • general product finishing
  • oil and varnish modifier
  • topcoat in vacuum metalizing applications

Performance advantages

  • improved coating hardness
  • faster drying speed for coatings
  • excellent color and gloss retention for coatings
  • improved coating hold-out and brushing
  • excellent water resistance
  • highly effective pigment dispersion


These properties are typical, but they do not constitute specifications.

Appearance Pellets
Density, wet, lbs/gal 8.6
Solubility parameter 8.6
Glass transition temperature, Tg, °C 50
Ultimate hardness of clear films, KHN 11-12
Chemical composition IBMA polymer

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